• Cody Matthew Johnson

NAMM & A3E 2020

NAMM 2020 ("winter NAMM" for you east coasters) was held this January and was a cacophonous riot - as expected. Within NAMM there is a second sound and music technology conference titled A3E, or the Advanced Audio + Application Exchange.

Emperia Sound and Music was invited to be apart of a panel at NAMM/A3E and give a presentation on The Future of Game Audio: Music and Sound Design for Mobile Gaming. Our CEO, Audio Director, and Composer Cody Matthew Johnson discussed Emperia's considerations for the audio design, asset creation, and implementation for mobile games and applications.

The panel was a hit with only standing room available in the conference room!

We also assisting in co-hosting a casual Game Audio Network Guild hangout. It's always such an immense pleasure to meet new members, put names to faces, and spend time together.

Thanks to everyone who came out to both the panel and the G.A.N.G. hang and thanks to Doug DeAngelis, A3E, & Defiant Public Relations for the setup & hosting!