• Cody Matthew Johnson

Game Audio Mentorships

In lieu of recent events surrounding the pandemic and subsequent cancellations or postponements of conferences such as SXSW, GDC, and more, we've been considering how we can offer our wealth of knowledge to the community. Year after year, conferences like these provide vital learning and career development opportunity for students and professionals alike. They provide a chance to have your work review, meet with other industry professionals, and glean constructive feedback to bolster your career for the future.

A few weeks ago we tested the waters of interest for a limited private mentorship opportunity and blasted out on social media to gauge interest.. and there was a TON of interest! It was reassuring to know that the community values an opportunity to continue to grow.

After resounding interest in the free private mentorship program, we've put together a comprehensive and deeply thought out questionnaire for mentorship submissions.

Beginning effective immediately, mentorship opportunities, focusing on Career Development, Production Feedback, Creative Critique, and Mindset & Productivity, will last a total of 12 weeks (one fiscal quarter) from the first session. Mentorship will consist of an initial hour-long introduction session to review goals, etc., bi-weekly sessions with milestone reviews on the first session of each month and a shorter progress check-in session for the second session of each month. A total of 6 sessions across 12 weeks provides ample opportunity for practical implementation and tracking progress

We hope to expand this opportunity to include more mentors and mentees later this year and into the future. This is one way to give back to this incredible community and support developing audio professionals during these strange times.

This mentorship is COMPLETELY FREE and an opportunity for growth, career advice, and insight to the film, TV, video game, and music industry.

Submissions close May 27th

Mentorship Begins July 1

Link: https://createform.com/Q3-2020-Free-Emperia-Mentorship

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