• Jeff Rona

From The Archive: God of War III - Scoring Process, Award Nomination


The score to Sony Santa Monica's Playstation game God of War III was nominated for a Hollywood Music In Media Award after its release in 2010. I shared the nomination with the rest of the composing team, including Cris Velasco, Mike Reagan, Gerard Marino, and Ron Fish - all terrific composers. It was fun and a real creative challenge. I created about 25 minutes of original material, and as the developers completed the game, tracks were remixed and rearranged into a number of variations.

We recorded the musical score to God of War III at Lucas Film’s Skywalker Ranch in Northern California. It’s an amazing facility. State of the art recording facility in a rustic natural setting. The staff there are the best recording and mixing engineers I’ve worked with, including head engineer Leslie Ann Jones (daughter of the brilliant band leader Spike Jones). The team from Sony ran things with amazing precision and polish.

Music from God of War III can be heard from the player embedded below, our portfolio page, our Soundcloud, and anywhere you stream music.

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