• Jeff Rona

From The Archive: God of War III - Hera's Garden


After working with the music team on trailers and marketing materials, I was asked to work on the score for Sony Santa Monica's Playstation Game God of War 3. I wasn't part of the original composer team, but the game's director Stig Asmussen invited me to join after hearing some of the music I had written for the game's trailer. One of the pieces I had written Stig had really liked, and from there it just expanded into a substantial share of the score in the later stages of the game's development.


For the most part, the score to God of War is massive, epic and brutal. "Hera's Garden" (see Soundcloud link below) is a more intimate track from the score, contrasting the stark brutality that reflects Kratos' nature. Although it grows into a more menacing piece of music, it also gave me a chance to incorporate some Middle Eastern instruments. I had Loga Ramin Torkian (of the amazing electro-world music group Nyaz) play tar and saz - two essential string instruments from Iran. The rhythmic bed of the track is primarily the daf - a middle eastern frame drum.

Wanting the score to be a little more experimental, I also played phrases on the Ney (a traditional Arabic end-blown flute) but heavily processed it through delays and a harmonizer plug-in for a strange, unexpected and more 'other-worldly' effect. It's a very distinctive sound that I come back to from time to time.

​Orchestra and male voices start to creep in as the track evolves and moves more toward a film score sound from the quieter world music feel.

Music from God of War III including Hera's Garden can be heard from the player embedded below, our portfolio page, our Soundcloud, and anywhere you stream music.

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