• Cody Matthew Johnson

Emperia Sound and Music Announcement

We are happy to announce our public endeavor as a new full service, end-to-end game audio and interactive audio company, created as a joint effort between our co-founders, composers, and long-time collaborators Cody Matthew Johnson (known for his work on Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite, Resident Evil 2, and Devil May Cry 5) and Jeff Rona (known for his work on God of War III, Far Cry 4, and Devil May Cry 5).


We are a team of audio professionals with talent spanning the globe.

But most importantly: we're gamers.

Our team has been actively working together under a variety of endeavors from sampling, licensing, sound design, bespoke music, trailer music, documentaries, television, feature films, music technology, software synthesizers, and more recently (and most importantly) video games.

Head over to our home page to see the rest of our team:

Emperia Sound and Music - Team


Over the last few years our team has worked together and creatively collaborated on a plethora of AAA and independently developed titles, and as our team has expanded so too has the services we provide developers. Starting with creating custom music for interactive experiences, we have rapidly expanded our breadth as developers requested if we are able to cover sound design, voice recording, implementation, localization, and more. What we do can be summed up quite easily: one-stop-shop & end-to-end.

"interactive experiences should sound as good as they look and feel."

Thus, Emperia Sound and Music was born to serve the developers who are looking for creative and flexible sound solutions. To us, games, interactive, and multi-media experiences should sound as good as they look and feel. Sound and music are creative tools for delivering emotional experiences. These are just some of our company's tenants, selflessly serving our collaborative partners to support their creative endeavors in any way audible.

Check out our portfolio page to listen to our past work and see our recent projects:

Emperia Sound and Music - Portfolio


Our team has created fan beloved sonic identities fo some of gaming's most iconic franchises, working with developers such as Santa Monica Studio, Ubisoft, Tencent, Sony Playstation, San Diego Studio, Apple, Square Enix, Salix Games, Activision, EA, E3, CAPCOM, Disney, and more.

"Educating tomorrow's creative workforce assists in pushing the artistic boundaries of interactive media."


Community and education are imperative to the future growth of our industry. Educating and building the development and audio communities is one way of giving back. Educating tomorrow's creative workforce assists in pushing the artistic boundaries of interactive media. We're always looking to give workshops, panels, discussions, and promote educational or technological endeavors. Speaking credits include PAX, GameSoundCon, SXSW, Ted Talks, WonderCon, Soundtrack Kologne, and more.

Pushing conventional boundaries is why Emperia Sound and Music was born..