• Cody Matthew Johnson

Devil May Cry 5 Release Date

Devil May Cry 5 has finally been released! The game was developed by CAPCOM for the last few years, and we were happy to be asked to join the process in creating music for the game nearly two years ago. Months after my battle theme for Dante, "Subhuman", and Jeff's theme for V, "Crimson Cloud" was announced the game has finally released to critical acclaim!

the fans LOVE the music in the series

The Devil May Cry series has always had a strong musical sensibility, and the fans LOVE the music in the series. Following the rich musical history of the Devil May Cry franchise was a daunting task. First and foremost, serving the integrity of the franchise was of utmost importance, but with a deep dive into the previous scores and the blessing of some creative liberty from Capcom the gears started grinding.

While writing, Capcom pushed us to start experimenting. After watching gameplay for hours on loop while writing, we had our ideas and “the riff”. In the way Dante flips and acrobatically puts his demons six feet under, I wanted the riff to have that same propulsion and acrobatics – spinning, jumping, looping, and flipping upside down and backwards. From a simple riff (what is now the big chorus riff), spun inspiration for most of the song.

We dug our teeth into experiment with creating soundscapes

The songs implored a variety of intricate programming to make them dynamic, and a lot of the song isn’t in the soundtrack: from secret guitar solos, intros, sound effects, breakdowns, and more. We dug our teeth into experiment with creating soundscapes with analog hardware and synthesizers, found-sound recordings, and other interesting ideas like a multi-tracked Cody-whisper-choir. We layered the songs so them could dynamically shift between genres – playing equally as invigorating purely as industrial and metal tracks, purely electronic, or a hybrid between the two.

For the instrumental, even though I am guitar player, we wanted to bring someone onto the track for some pure unadulterated attitude. Mark Helymun, one of the top revered metal guitarists, not only brought some hell-raising guitar riffs, solos, bends, and slides to the track, but also is responsible for coining the hook “You cannot kill me, I am omega”.

“You cannot kill me, I am omega”.

Enter Michael Barr. Michael is the former lead singer of LA metalcore band Volumes and is the guy the walks into our holiday studio party with a Game of Thrones trench coat on and single handedly captivates all the guests by effortlessly being the coolest person in the room. Michael epitomizes and embodies the personality of Dante – one of the most badass people around – and was the perfect match as a vocalist for “Subhuman”.

In search of a mixer for "Subhuman" and "Crimson Cloud", we eventually landed a call with infamous mixer Mark Needham. Mark is a legend in the industry and has been slamming out hit records for years – evident by his platinum and gold plated hallway to his studio.

You can hear "Subhuman" and "Crimson Cloud" on digital stream platforms. Physical CD and both 2X and 4X Vinyl are available for purchased through LACED Records. Check out the Video segment of our Portfolio page for more videos behind the scenes & on the making of Devil May Cry 5

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