• Cody Matthew Johnson

Award & Nominations (cont.) - Resident Evil 2, Devil May Cry 5, and more.

The past few months have been an incredible journey with a humbling amount of accolades for our projects released in 2019: Devil May Cry 5 (CAPCOM), Resident Evil 2 (CAPCOM), and Dance of Death: Du Lac & Fey (Salix Games). 

We're thrilled to announce "Saudade" from Resident Evil 2 won Best Sony - Video Game at last year's Hollywood Music in Media Awards, Du Lac & Fey won Best Audio Design at TIGA Games Industry Awards (which we contributed music implementation) Devil May Cry 5 nominations forBest Score & Music at The Game Awards, Excellence in Music at SXSW Gaming Awards, Original Light Mix Score at NAVGTR Awards, and a whole slew of others!

It's such an honor to share these nominations and wins with you - we could not be more ecstatic to continue to bring AAA grade sound and music to every project we have the privilege to collaborate on.  

Complete Awards & Nominations List

Devil May Cry 5

The Game Awards - Best Score & Music

SXSW Gaming Award - Excellence in Music

NAVGTR Awards - Original Light Mix Score, Franchise

Annual Game Music Awards - Rock/Electronic/Hybrid & Fan Favorite

Obilisk Game Awards - Best Soundtrack

*GameMusic Readers' Choice Award - Album of the Year

GameMusic Editors' Choice Award - Album of the Year

Fun & Serious Game Festival - Best Soundtrack

Game Audio Network Guild - Best Original Song

Only Single Player - Best Original Score

Resident Evil 2

*Hollywood Music in Media Awards - Best Song, Video Game

Game Audio Network Guild - Best Original Song

Dance of Death: Du Lac & Fey

*TIGA Game Industry Awards - Best Audio Design